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Navigating the complexities of fundraising is a daunting task for any nonprofit organization. This is why we created BlueHill Rise, a bespoke donation management platform engineered for the unique needs of nonprofits. BlueHill Rise provides an efficient, secure, and innovative solution to handle your organization's fundraising activities with ease and precision.


Seamless Donations, Effortless Fundraising

BlueHill Rise is a service custom-made for nonprofits. Our intuitive system lets your donors contribute with ease, ensuring you never miss an opportunity to raise funds for your cause. With support for recurring pledges, your loyal supporters can choose to regularly donate, fueling your mission over time.

Get Donations Faster

What We Do

BlueHill Rise is more than just a donation management platform. We provide a comprehensive fundraising solution that helps you attract, engage, and retain donors, manage funds effectively, and make data-driven decisions for better growth and impact. Our platform offers a holistic view of your donations, providing you with actionable insights to maximize your fundraising efforts.

  • Fast & Automatic Payouts Settle your funds in as little as 2 business days. No more waiting for weeks to receive your donations.
  • Integrated Checkout Page Create a custom checkout page that matches your brand. No coding required.
  • Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics Gain a comprehensive understanding of your fundraising performance. BlueHill Rise offers powerful analytics tools that provide you with real-time data and insightful reports to make informed decisions.

Collect donations securely and conveniently. BlueHill Rise supports various payment methods, ensuring a seamless and secure donation process for your contributors.

Mobile-Friendly Donation Experience with BlueHill Rise

At BlueHill Rise, we understand the increasingly significant role mobile devices play in philanthropy. Recognizing that donors tend to give more via their smartphones, we've meticulously designed our mobile-friendly custom donation pages to optimize this giving trend. Our responsive pages offer a seamless, user-friendly experience, with easy navigation and secure transaction capabilities, making it simple for donors to contribute more to your cause with just a few taps. Embrace the shift towards mobile giving with BlueHill Rise and empower your donors to support your mission effortlessly, wherever they may be.

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Simple no-tricks pricing

Our platform fee is only a minimal 5%, which usually is taken care of by our generous donors. This small fee helps us maintain and improve our platform, ensuring you always have the best tools and resources at your disposal.

BlueHill Rise Membership

Join BlueHill Rise and start accepting donations and recurring pledges today. Platform fees are 5% and are usually passed on to the donor.

What’s included

  • Custom Donation Pages
  • Recurring Donations & Pledges
  • QR Code Donations
  • Automatic Payouts

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Custom Donation Pages Tailored For Your Cause

We understand that every nonprofit is unique, and that's why we offer customizable donation pages. You can seamlessly embed these pages on your website, reflecting your brand's identity and ethos, and appealing to your specific audience.

Mission Description
Custom Logo & Graphics
Automatic Receipt Generation
Analytics by Campaign

Everything you need

No Developer? No problem.

Send your donors links to your custom donation page. No developer required. Or setup QR codes around your organization or event and collection donations in minutes. BlueHill Rise hosts your donation page and securely processes your donations.


BlueHill Rise integrates with WebFlow


BlueHill Rise integrates with WordPress

React & HTML 5

BlueHill Rise integrates with React & HTML 5

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Backed by world-renowned investors

BlueHill is funded by some of the most influential investors in the world. Y Combinator and Rough Draft Ventures by General Catalyst are two leading investors in the tech world and investors BlueHill. Y Combinator provides seed funding to startups and has become an iconic name in the industry, investing in companies like Airbnb, Dropbox, Reddit and Instacart. Rough Draft Ventures is a student-run venture capital firm that backs young entrepreneurs and teams committed to making a lasting impact in their communities. Both organizations have created tremendous value for their investors and society as a whole by supporting innovation and entrepreneurship.

Y Combinator

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